Discount Ninja
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The notification confirms that an offer has been applied to the cart and tells the customer what they need to do to unlock rewards.
This widget is currently available for Beta customers only


  • Notification: the component is represented by the notification element
  • Launcher: the component can be minimized and maximized using the launcher
  • Header: an optional row at the top with header text
  • Body: consists of one or more messages
  • Message: an optional icon and text
  • Footer: an optional row at the bottom with footer text; this row can optionally include a countdown clock component


<la-dn-notification auto-maximize="true" auto-minimize="true" state="minimized" horizontal-position="left" vertical-position="bottom">
<la-dn-notification-launcher message-counter="true" shape="circle" icon="discount">
You've unlocked x offers
<la-dn-notification-message unlocked="true" token="ABCD">
Summer promotion
<la-dn-notification-message unlocked="false" token="EFGH">
Free shipping
<p>Automatically applied at checkout</p>
<p>Valid for <la-dn-countdown-clock>20 min and 59 sec</la-dn-countdown-clock></p>
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