Promotional Badge

The promotional badge is displayed on the image of a product card (typically in a collection or on a product page) to indicate which offer applies to the product.

This widget is currently available for V6 Beta customers only


App Embed

This widget is included in the "Discount Ninja" App Embed.


A placeholder for the badge must be added to the template of the collections where the badge should be displayed. The placeholder is typically added to the image part of a product card.

The following example shows where the placeholder would be placed given a product card with id example-product-card and an image part with id example-product-card-image:

<div id="example-product-card">
    <div id="example-product-card-image">
            product-handle="{{ product.handle }}">

Note: the variable "product" in "product.handle" may be different in your theme.


Check out this article to learn more about how the style of this widget can be changed.

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