Promotion Engine

Information about the core JavaScript script used to load Discount Ninja promotions on a Shopify storefront and apply the promotions to the available products and the cart.


Please note that Discount Ninja is not compatible with storefronts that use a headless implementation of Shopify as it relies on App Embeds and App Blocks.

Guiding principles


Performance is key in many areas and this is certainly true in eCommerce. Poor performance leads to frustration for visitors of your online store and results in loss of conversion potential.

What we do to ensure the best possible performance:

  • Vanilla JS: our script and widgets do not have dependencies allowing us to

  • Testing

Browser support

All features used by the app are supported by modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


We include a rich client-side API that allows developers to interact with our script and extend the functionality of the widgets.

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