Promotion Code Field

The promotion code field allows users to redeem Discount Ninja promotion codes and Shopify discount codes from the cart.

This widget is currently available for V6 Beta customers only


App Embed

This widget is included in the "Discount Ninja" App Embed.


A placeholder for the promotion code field must be added to the template(s) of the cart page(s) where the promotion code field should be displayed. This can be achieved in one of the following ways:

  • OS 2.0 Using Shopify's theme editor, add the "Discount Ninja Promotion Code Field" App Block to the section on the cart page template(s) where you want the promotion code field to be displayed

  • If your theme does not support App Blocks on the cart page template, add the following snippet to your cart page instead:



Check out this article to learn more about how the style of this widget can be changed.



  • Executes the collapse method.


  • Executes the expand method.


  • Executes the toggle method.

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