Discount Ninja

Events published

Documentation related to the events published by the script which can be used to integrate with custom solutions.

Promotions loaded

Published after promotions have been loaded and processed by the app.
  • an array of objects representing the offers loaded by the app
Each offer includes:
  • Token: the token of the offer
  • TriggeredByTrigger: the trigger that triggered the offer, including its token (TriggeredByTrigger.Token), the Schedule, the Filter settings and an array of offer tokens in Offers.
  • Entitlement: describes what the offer includes
  • Tiers: describes further details of the offer per tier
  • Prerequisite: describes what needs to be in the cart for the offer to apply
  • Stacking: contains information about if/how the offer stacks and combines with other offers
  • Building blocks: the Notification, StickyBar, Cart and DrawerCart properties describe the configuration of the building blocks for the offer